About Us

We are a small Kennel breeding sound, quality & versatile German Shepherds.
As a GBrashawin Kennels have dedicated the last 15 years to constant research in order to find and achieve the highest quality German Shepherd Dogs.
Equal importance is placed on the health and temperament, equally important is the confirmation.

German Shepherd Breeders our main goal and objective for our breeding program is to breed German Shepherd puppies that are Intelligent, Loyal, Noble, Sensitive, Dignified and sound in mind and body.

…Everything a German Shepherd should be…
Brad has been training working dogs for more than 10 years now. With his experience and knowledge we are able to achieve anything from our dogs.
Shannon is a trained Vet Nurse, she cares for and maintains the health of all the dogs at Brashawin Kennels. She also is a certified Dog trainer have spent several years studying various techniques and methods. She has trained many of her own cross bred rescue dogs in the past, and now focuses on helping others achieve a harmonious relationship with their own K9’s.
Together Brad and Shannon have trained dogs for Tv and movie productions, obedience and competitions as well as the beloved family companion.
Our dogs are part of our lives, both of us from a very young age seemed to be destined to be doing something with this lovely breed. Together we have 2 son’s Blair who is 8 years old and willing to help in any aspect of caring and training our dogs, and Jordan who has just had his 4th birthday. Jordan is very keen to learn about dog training and in years to come will most likely be the next Dog Whisperer…
And the newest addition to our family, our daughter Felicity who was born in January. She loves having the dogs make a fuss over her if she makes a noise…
We understand that not everyone wants a working dog or show dog, which is why we have selected our blood lines very carefully. We breed in accordance to the GSDCA breeding standard, and all our dogs must pass the appropriate testing before going through the selection process for breeding.
Our dogs are suitable for any type of lifestyle, from the security patrol dog, assistance therapy dog to the loyal family companion. We pride ourselves on being able to breed stable temperaments.
Its all about Quality and Versatility, not qauntity!