Brashawin Kennels  have dedicated over 18 years to constant research in order to find and achieve the highest quality German Shepherd Dogs.
Equal importance is placed on the health and temperament and equally important is the confirmation. As a German Shepherd Breeders our main goal and objective for our breeding program is to breed dogs that are Intelligent, Loyal, Noble, Dignified and sound in mind and body.
…Everything a German Shepherd should be…

Shannon has spent many years as a vet nurse along with studying and learning from various other high profile trainers. She has committed over 18 years to learning about dog behaviour and psychology in order to improve her own skills but to impart this knowledge with others wishing to achieve that harmonious relationship with their K9’s.
She has also spent numerous years studying genetics and bloodlines to assist in selection process of dogs and breeding.
Brad has been a RAAF Police  Dog Handler for over 21 years and has a keen eye for exceptional working dogs. He has a wealth of knowledge that allows Brashawin Kennels to choose and breed German Shepherds of the highest quality.
 Together over the last 19 years Brad and Shannon have trained a  dogs for TV commercials and movie productions, trained assistance dogs, assisted others with training their family pet and helped with some unwanted behaviours through modification training. They both participate in various dog sporting activities.