Veran Aggi

Sam is a large, solid bone dominant male, who posses sound equal balance in his work and every day life. Sam is a “operational” Security patrol dog in Queensland, Australia. Who said an ‘old dog’ can’t learn new tricks. At the ripe age of 8, Sam is showing endurance and desire to work and possess the ‘never say die’ attitude.
Sam is a no nonsense dog with a serious outlook and strong hard confident bite. When at home Sam is a laid back dog with his family making him an absolute pleasure and perfect companion to live with. Sam displays all the qualities a true German Shepherd should posses.

Sam was retired in 2018 at the age of 9 to relax and enjoy the couch.

DOB: 16.02.2009
ANKC Registration: 3100220586
Health Tests: DM Clear
MDR1 Clear
Hips: 5/5
Elbows: 0/0

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