Brashawin are German Shepherd working line breeders specializing in breeding German Shepherd Dogs of the highest quality, with sound solid nerves, high prey and retrieve drives, excellent tracking abilities, with well-balanced character and stable temperaments. Brashawin German Shepherd Dogs are highly intelligent, and trainable. They are correct in conformation , very beautiful in appearance, have wonderful caring and protective personalities, and are a pleasure to own.

Brashawin Kennels have dedicated over 18 years of constant research in order to
find and achieve the highest quality German Shepherd Dogs and this shows in o
ur very selective breeding program that is designed to preserve the integrity and noble character of the German Shepherd breed as well as brings together the adequately integrated qualities we expect from our dogs and puppies.

Our puppies excel in a variety of working fields such as Police K9’s and Corrections, Narcotics and Explosives Detection, Family Protection, Schutzhund/IGP, Search and Rescue, Obedience, Agility, Herding, and Personal Companions.

We are a small working line breeding kennel located on the beautiful Mid North Coast  just 2 hours drive north of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

Here there are endless activities for us to include our dogs, from beaches to bush walking and everything in between and plenty of Australian National Kennel Council sporting activities.
Our dogs enjoy plenty of fresh air, running free along serene nature trails, romping in open fields and swimming. They are happy, healthy and vibrant individuals that thrive on their life here.

Our beautiful Brashawin puppies are born and raised in our home as part of our family in a very special birthing room that has been designed for the comfort as well as safety for the mothers and new babies.
We include enriching, stimulating, age-appropriate and interchangeable environments, that is designed to enhance the early presence of their natural genetic abilities with confidence through exploring, stimulation, sounds and interactions within a positive, and praise-motivated setting.

We have carefully selected our dogs from only proven producing working bloodlines that include dogs from  mainly the Czech Republic  and East Germany/DDR backgrounds.

 You can expect your working line German Shepherd puppy from Brashawin Kennels to be personally selected with your specific needs in mind. We literally spend hundreds of hours with our puppies from the time they are born until the time they are ready to leave for their new homes.

We pay a great deal of attention to detail and know each of our puppy’s very specific characters, individual qualities and unique personalities. We are clearly able to recognize these individually within a litter, and place our puppies accordingly with great success.
Sokari Kato Ulrich BH.  & Nigel

It is our goal as a breeder to ensure that we  produce only quality, healthy, vibrant, and happy puppies that are true to the breed  character, capable of working in a variety of fields from loyal personal companion, to the highest competition level of sporting dog to protector and defenders of our law enforcement communities.

Our dogs are  part of our family, with our children and Nigel the Ginger Ninja cat who thinks he is a dog himself. We are very firm believers that most dogs live very well within a pack structure by nature and are well adjusted and confident with themselves by the rules set forth within our pack environment to ensure a harmonious life.

Brad enlisted as a Military Police Dog Handler in 1999 and after almost 22 years in 2020 he retired from the Australian Defence Force. During his service he has spent numerous years at the the Training School instructing newly enlisted recruits through their Po

Brad and Cendraise Finn

lice dog training course, also running Military Police Dog units in various locations throughout Australia.  Brads knowledge and experience of working and training a multitude of dogs allows us to achieve greater potential not only in our training programs but also breeding program.

Shannon and AUST CH. Garsova Kiri JC. ‘A’ ‘Z’

Shannon has an extensive background in animal husbandry and Veterinary Nursing. Her passion lays in dog psychology, behaviour and training, she committed over 18 years learning from other well known high profile dog trainers here in Australia and from around the world to improve her own skills and to help others wishing to achieve that harmonious relationship with their furry friends.