Pedigree Name: AUST CH. Brashawin Empire Strikes Back ‘A’ ‘Z’
Pet Name: Vader
D.O.B: 11/04/2020
Colour: Black
Coat Type: Stock Coat
Weight: 35kgs

DNA Results: Click here to view

Elbows:  R-Grade 1/L-Normal
DM: Carrier
MDR1: Clear
Breed Survey: to be done after Oct 2021

Vader is a solid black large, robust, good boned with a large impressive head, while his body is muscular
and well defined. He is a strong and powerful young male with an incredible working ability with strong presence and superior over-all type.
Vader began his show career in November 2020 as a bit of fun to social and mingle, and landed his first Minor Puppy in Group Award at only his 4th ever show.
He is currently in training as an Assistance dog, loves to play scent games and hang out and chill with his owner Jes.

Vader will be available to stud when he has passed all appropriate health testing and comes of age, for now he is having the time of his life being a puppy.