Pedigree Name: Brashawin Exquisite Moon
Pet Name: Luna
D.O.B: 11/04/2020
Colour: Black
Coat Type: Short Coat

Weight: 32kg
Hips:  TBA
Elbows: TBA
DM: Carrier
MDR1: Clear

Luna was a challenging young pup that we placed in order to keep a close eye on her to see if she would be a suitable addition to our breeding program. Unfortunately due to her size we felt it would not be best to breed from her, she is on the smaller side for a female and we have a litter sister who is also part of our breeding program.
She is such a great fun gril with loads of drive and eager to please attitude and loved nothing more than playing tug and chasing a ball.

Luna was desexed and is now living her best life in Queensland with her mother Inqa.