Pedigree Name: Brashawin Diesel Bear ‘A’ ‘Z’
Pet Name: Bear
D.O.B: 19/01/2020
Colour: Black with Tan Markings (Bi-Colour)
Coat Type: Stock Coat (Carries LSC)
Weight: 38kgs

Hips: 7
Elbows: R-Normal/L-Normal
DM: Carrier
MDR1: Clear

Bear is a Large, handsome bi-colour with optimum pigmentation. He has the legendary look of the East German bloodlines along with the superior temperament and performance qualities of a typical working line German Shepherd. Bear has a strong structure and awesome substance, massive bone strength with a magnificent head along with a striking expression.
Bear has ample play drive shown by his high anticipation for the ball/tug games and will settle easy when not engaged.

Bear is no longer available at stud and has retired from such duties to enjoy a life of luxury with his family