Pedigree Name: Brashawin Diesel Bear ‘A’ ‘Z’
Pet Name: Bear
D.O.B: 19/01/2020
Colour: Black with Tan Markings (Bi-Colour)
Coat Type: Stock Coat (Carries LSC)
Weight: 38kgs

DNA Results: Coming soon
Hips: 7
Elbows: R-Normal/L-Normal
DM: Carrier
MDR1: Clear


Bear is a Large, handsome bi-colour with optimum pigmentation. He has the legendary look of the East German bloodlines along with the superior temperament and performance qualities of a typical working line German Shepherd. Bear has a strong structure and awesome substance, massive bone strength with a magnificent head along with a striking expression.
Bear has ample play drive shown by his high anticipation for the ball/tug games and will settle easy when not engaged.

Bear is available at stud to approved females and would be best suited to females that require more bone, height and overall improvements on temperament and drives.

If you wish to inquire about using Bear, please email us