Kirra was the foundation of Brashawin Kennels, it took a few years of researching bloodlines and trying to find a particular breeder who had the bloodlines and type of dogs we wanted. We were lucky enough to find Ovahimba Kennels in NSW who at the time had a waiting list of 2 years but by chance the right dog came along 9 months later.
Kirra was a large female with great drives and a willingness to please that made her so trainable, she was an energetic girl and would throw herself into anything we tried. She was also a naturally protective yet social female but not aggressive. She loved nothing more than following me around as I instructed at our local obedience club, and entering the occasional obedience competition but what we loved most about her unflappable temperament was her ability to help us work with unsocialised or aggressive dogs, turning them into acceptable members of the public.

Kirra blessed some wonderful families with some gorgeous puppies.
We do miss her dearly …